Appeal Filed in the Pala Disenrollment of 154 Tribal

Pauma Tribal Council Tribal Chairman: Temet A. Aguilar Vice Chairwoman: Sophia Salgado Secretary/Treasurer: Jenna P. Aguilar-Linton Council Member: Venessa Brown The general council, composed of all adult members 18 years and older, governs the Pala Reservation. The council meets monthly, or the executive committee may call a special meeting. Executive committee members include a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer. Members of the executive committee serve two-year terms. Tribal members must be at least 21 years old to run for Tribal Council. The Pala Band of Mission Indians is governed by a six member Executive Committee. Committee members elected by the General Council, which includes all qualified voters 18 years and older. Elections are held every 2 years in November. The Tribe is governed by a constitution adopted in November 1994 and certified by the BIA Pacific Region in 1997 retroactive to 1994. Current The current council lead byRobert Smith and Teresa Nieto are running Pala into the ground while they and their partners flourish in tribal/casino money. Don't vote Howard Maxy or adopted tribal member goodpasture November 14, 2013 at 4:29 PM Anonymous said... Looks like per cap is going down in Pala again,there are some stupid ass people in Pala. Pala Casino is Now Open. How Pala is Playing it Safe . The health and safety of our valued guests and team members is paramount at Pala Casino Spa Resort. We follow the guidelines and recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control for businesses. FAQs Safety Protocols Property Updates Emergency Contact Info. Additional Information. Information about COVID-19 is updated frequently Pala Watch is dedicated to the 162 disenrolled from the Pala Band of Mission Indians . Pala Watch. In 1903 the Agua Caleinte Cupeno were removed from their ancestral tribal home, the Village of Kupa also known as Warner's Hot Springs. The Cupeno were forced onto the Pala Indian Reservation. This is known as the Cupeno Trail of Tears. On June 1st, 2011 and February 1st, 2012 162 Warner Ranch Pala casino use to be the best casino around, but it's not anymore. Not by a long shot! Does anyone know why business is way down, why you can walk in the casino during the week and it looks like a ghost town, why they have lost a ton of players that won't come back anymore cause they all feel they cant get a fair game at the casino. You all talk about the elections and nominations being It is irresponsible to suggest that this was the motivation for the Tribal Council’s actions, and only perpetuates the misstatements of those who are ignoring the truth. Additionally, the Pala General Store was not established in 1867. There was a Pala General Store established in 1897, but it was not owned or operated by the Freeman family. The Pala store that exists today was established The Pala tribe owns and operates the Pala Casino Spa & Resort, one of the largest casinos in the county, east of Interstate 15 on state Route 76. It has over 900 tribal members. The tribe has also We will seek out new avenues for tribal enterprise development, such as gaming, entertainment, and real estate.” Water Resources “We [La Jolla, Pala, Pauma, Rincon and the San Pasqual Bands of Mission Indians] have come together as one body to be a political advocate for the tribes – to fight for our water rights, address tribes’ water needs, and help tribes develop and use their water

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